Our Story


Silver Lake Ventures occupies a privileged position on the Russian market due to a long standing relationships founder Galina has developed with the High Net Worth Russian Families she has been working for past 20 years.
We arrange services required by wealthy individuals in Russia, Europe and UK. These services would include residential property search, educational consultancy on the choice of United Kingdom and Switzerland schools and universities, luxury asset acquisitions and concierge, as well as luxury travel services.
- In our Real Estate Practice we advise across the spectrum, assisting our clients with acquiring, managing, financing or developing and selling real estate investments.
Our team has significant transaction and asset management experience and has transacted in €100,000 million of real estate investments. Our service is tailored to the needs of our clients, we would like to make sure that every clients portfolio have a composition that’s is specifically done for them and their individual requirements.
We have recently advised clients on acquiring gallery spaces and restaraunt spaces in prime central London and Geneva.
In addition, we continue to act as a buying agents for commercial and residential property development opportunities where we believe we have the expertise to find and lock-down these complex, but often more attractive investment opportunities.
- Our educational consultancy, helps with every aspect of children’s education. This includes giving advice on the best school, university or summer school, advising on higher education and career choices, providing tutors, guardianship and host families and entry testing.